Ben 10 Game Generator

  Ben 10 - Ben Tennyson As Ben you must race against the clock to solve puzzles, outwit enemies and make it out of the Plumber Training Facility in one piece.  
  Heatblast can absorb any flames and heat he comes into contact with, meaning he can walk over flames and lava. Ben 10 - Heatblast  
  Ben 10 - Wildmutt Wildmutt is the most animal-like of the Ben 10 aliens, his superhuman athletic ability that allows him to outrun enemies.  
  Ripjaws is an extraordinary swimmer and can change his legs into a large tail with fins allowing him to swim easily through water. Ben 10 - Ripjaws  
  Ben 10 - Upgrade Upgrade is a living machine that can reshape his body at will, and merge with any mechanical device which allows him to walk on conveyor belts.  
  Diamondhead is a crystalline alien whose body is harder than diamond. He can create spikes on his feet to allow him to walk on ice without slipping. Ben 10 - Diamondhead  
Ben 10 Enemies
  Grandpa Max has used the Plumber's Training facility to create enemies to test Ben's skills. Each enemy moves differently and has the ability to knock Ben out so he must figure out how to avoid or defeat these enemies to make it through his training.